The abstract submission deadline for the next IGC 2019 has not been defined yet.

Check this website for updates.


Please submit abstracts (also all figures in 300dpi separately) to the abstract review board


Conference topics include:

- Gem identification and characterization

- Gem treatment updates and disclosure

- Gem quality grading and appraisal

- Gem deposits, exploration and mining

- Other gem topics






General information: Abstracts are to be in English. Abstracts must be submitted in *.doc  (Windows or Mac) format.  Abstracts must not exceed three pages. Margins on the top should be 2.5 cm, other margins are 2.5 cm. Paragraphs are to be formatted in single line spacing.


Title: Times New Roman, 14pt, centered. Hyphens should be excluded.


Authors’ name(s):. The presenter, whose name should be underlined, is not necessarily the first author. Font: Times New Roman, 12pt, centered. Below the name, indicate the authors’ affiliation, city, country and e-mail address.  An empty line follows.


Abstract: It follows the author's details and an empty line. Font: Тimes New Roman, 12 pt. References are to be mentioned in the text, e.g. (Hänni et al., 1982). Headings should be formatted bold, and only the first letter and proper names are capitalized.


References: Author (& co-author) names, year of publication. Title of article (or book), name of journal (or place of publication for books), vol. and no., page numbers.  Font: Тimes New Roman, 11pt. Examples:


Hänni, H.A., Schmetzer, K., 1982. New rubies from Morogoro area, Tanazani. Gems & gemology, 27(3), 156-167


Strack, E., 2006. Pearls. Rühle-Diebener Verlag GmbH, Stuttgart, 696pp.


Acknowledgements: Following the references and a space line may be made. Font: Тimes New Roman 11pt.


Tables are to be included in text and to respect the above margin sizes.  Figures should be submitted as separate *.jpg files with resolution of 300 dpi.

Both tables and figures are to be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals (Table 2, Figure 3, etc.). Captions of both tables and figures should be concise, but as informative as possible.

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